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About our Ormond Beach location

First Coast Hearing Clinic began in St. Augustine, FL in 1990 and has experienced some wonderful growth throughout the area with primary locations now in both St. Augustine and Palm Coast. From the treatment and diagnosis of hearing disorders with the most extraordinary hearing technology available, First Coast Hearing Clinic has become a hallmark for patient care excellence in the community.

Technology aside, we take a very patient-centered approach, where we not only test objectively through diagnostics, but also seek a subjective understanding of our patients' lifestyles. We talk to patients about their daily activities, learn what their expectations and goals are, then determine the best option for them based on their budget and needs. Furthermore, in striving for the utmost level of patient satisfaction, it is our goal to ensure that each and every patient is a Patient for Life. As the only AudigyCertified™ practice in the community, First Coast Hearing Clinic exclusively provides its patients with the most experienced professionals, extraordinary technology, excellent service, and exceptional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are there different hearing aid types and styles?

    Certain styles of hearing aids operate differently from others in terms of amplification power, customizable switches, wireless capability, and whether they are best suited for the activity level and lifestyle of the user. Smaller styles tend to be less visible but might lack the customizable options or amplification power that a larger style has, thus making them more useful for those with a mild hearing loss, while larger styles might be better suited for individuals who need the power and would like to be able to adjust their hearing aids in different environments. Different types of hearing aids will also use different sizes of batteries, allowing larger units to last longer while smaller units require greater battery use.

  • Why is it important to choose the right type of hearing aid?

    Leading consumer advocacy groups state that nearly two-thirds of hearing aids are incorrectly fit, leading to disuse. Put simply, hearing aid types best suited to the lifestyle of one individual won’t necessarily work very well for another individual — and it’s important for the hearing care provider to know what’s going to fit your lifestyle most comfortably. We all have different activity levels, and we all enjoy pursuing different forms of entertainment; getting your hearing aids fit by an experienced hearing care professional who knows the technology well is the best way to ensure that you’re wearing the right hearing system for you.

  • Are some types better than others?

    Some hearing aid types may be better than others at certain things. For example, larger units, like a BTE system, will have greater amplification capability than an invisible-in-the-canal unit simply because the size of the speaker in the hearing aid does not allow such a small device to be as powerful as a large device. As previously stated, getting your hearing aids fit by an experienced hearing care professional who knows the technology well is the best way to ensure that you’re wearing the right hearing system for you.

  • Do different types of hearing aids create different sounds?

    Although advancements in technology have made hearing aids as clear sounding as possible, certain hearing aids do create a “plugged up” feeling when worn because they seal around the entire ear canal. Some hearing aid styles, like the RIC type, have open earmolds that allow regular sounds to pass through.

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