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Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for.


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Anonymous Patient, Ormond Beach

Efficient, Knowledgeable.

Dr. Eckdahl is a caring professional and very much interested in my well-being. Answers questions clearly and makes sure I understand her answer.

Office staff, Libby is always helpful in scheduling appointments or handling rescheduling. Hearing aids are as positive as wearing eye glasses. Hearing clearly and being aware of surroundings is a positive for daily routines and feeling secure in hearing clearly.

Noah McKinnon

Wonderful services from dedicated professionals. The hearing aids have improved my hearing greatly and have improved the quality of my life greatly.

Art and Mary Moore

Dr. Ashley Mitchell is the very best! You are missing out not to talk to her ! Mary and I have had wonderful experience with our hearing aids.

Robert Thomas

I can hear now!! This place is magnificent. I would not go any other place.

The front staff, Marisa is wonderful, and the Doctor is great!

My daughter wants me to move back to Pennsylvania, but I love Florida Heatlhcare Plan and the MY Doctors and pharmacy in network with them.

I am not moving back because I love my healthcare providers.

James R. Stockton

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a patient of Dr. Ashley Mitchell for some years and I have always found them to be professional, alert, and on time with all of my problems. There attitude is great with a can-do spirit and have helped me greatly with my hearing problems.

Ed Bowman

The staff at First Coast Hearing are truly attentive to your Hearing needs. They are professional and caring and you are always greeted with a warm and friendly smile.

I decided it was time to upgrade my ten year old hearing airs for more current technology. Dr. Mitchell conducted a hearing exam and asked questions about my life style and hearing needs. The hearing aids she recommended for me have met my needs perfectly.

The programmability of the hearing aids from my iPhone has enabled me to make adjustments that respond to my current environment. We cruise frequently, now I can choose the option “Restaurant/Hear All” and be fully engaged in conversation at the dinner table. Before I would smiled a lot and wondered what people were saying.

Choosing the “Noise Filter” setting enables me to block wind noise while driving and still hear passengers clearly. These are only two of the many options available that allow you to adjust your hearing aids to your current needs.

I would recommend that you make First Coast Hearing your first stop on the way to better hearing and an improved quality of life.

R. White

Wonderful people! Kind, attentive, and efficient. Dr. Espinosa was so attentive and caring. She explained everything to me and was gentle and kind.

My hearing is better than ever!

Janet Rinaldi

I’m a bit late in getting back to Dr. Mitchell for helping with my TV streaming device…. I had just arrived from Canada with my problem and she was very accommodating. She was supportive and the problem was fixed very quickly. Dayna was also very helpful. Again, thank you so much!

Tom Long

I am very appreciative of the great service I receive no matter when I happen to show up. I am never disappointed in the care I receive- and all done with a smile. Many Thanks,

Naomi Darby

I would recommend Dr. Mitchell and First Coast Hearing Clinic to everyone. At first, I thought it was expensive, but I am glad I went with your recommendation — I could not hear conversations, the TV, or my yoga instructor without them. Their patience showing me how to take care of my hearing aids was great. The new hearing aids have made my life wonderful.

Linda H.

Ashley and her staff are phenomenal! We count them as friends. Everyone is always kind and patient to those of us with hearing difficult who are also "technologically challenged." Both my husband and I highly recommend these skilled hearing specialists.

Celeste Weiss

I went to First Coast Hearing and Dr. Ashley Espinosa who does the audio there was very personable and thorough. I found her a pleasure to talk to. Mazie Barnes who is the Patient Coordinator was also helpful, pretty, and pleasant.

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